Mike Mentzer's H.I.T Approach Advocates One Set of Squats as Essential

In the realm of bodybuilding, Mike Mentzer's High-Intensity Training (H.I.T) philosophy has long been revered for its efficiency and effectiveness. At the core of this philosophy lies the belief that intensity trumps volume. Mentzer's approach challenges the norm by recommending just one set of squats as the foundation of a leg workout, emphasizing that it can be adequate to kickstart your leg training journey.

Rethinking the Norm

Mentzer's H.I.T philosophy challenges the notion that extensive volume is necessary for muscle growth. Instead, it focuses on maximizing intensity in a single set, urging individuals to push themselves to their limits.

Singular Focus: Squats

Squats stand as the quintessential compound movement for leg development, engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously. By performing one set of squats with utmost intensity, you can effectively stimulate muscle growth and strength gains.

Intensity Amplification

The essence of Mentzer's approach lies in intensity overload. By pushing your limits within a single set, you stimulate the muscles to adapt and grow stronger. This intensity amplification is the catalyst for significant progress.

Time Optimization

One set of squats may seem minimalistic, but it's remarkably time-efficient. In just a few minutes, you can complete a high-intensity set, saving precious time without compromising results.

Recovery Consciousness

Mentzer emphasizes the importance of adequate recovery between workouts. With just one set of squats, you allow your muscles ample time to recuperate and grow stronger, ensuring optimal progress.

Personalization and Progression

While one set of squats serves as the cornerstone, customization is vital. Listen to your body, gradually increasing intensity, weight, or incorporating advanced techniques as you progress.

Conclusion: One Set, Maximum Impact

Mike Mentzer's H.I.T philosophy simplifies leg training to its core: one set of squats performed with maximum intensity. By adhering to this principle, you can kickstart your leg workout journey effectively and efficiently. As you progress, you can tailor your routine to suit your individual needs and goals, but it all begins with that one intense set of squats. In our workout programs, we understand that for intermediate to advanced lifters, additional movements and supersets may be necessary to further challenge and stimulate muscle growth. We incorporate these variations strategically to ensure continued progress and optimal results.
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High Intensity Training Program


We realized that we only have so much energy to spare before we have to recharge our batteries.

We only have so much time to spend in the gym due to work, family, friends and responsibilities.

Knowing that time and energy are limited resources, it only makes sense to make the most of them, right?

That’s exactly what High Intensity Training does.

It is designed to reach the point where the maximum muscle growth can occur without ‘spilling over’ and wasting precious energy.

Energy that could be used to aid the recovery process.

That way each workout is short, intense.

Our High Intensity Training can be summed up thusly:

Low Volume

Heavy Weight

Adequate recovery

Train to Muscle Failure

This High Intensity Training is low volume but pushes your muscles to the absolute limit and beyond..